Monday, August 15, 2005

So when your hubby's boss gives you his luxury £32,000 Mercedes Benz for the weekend with a full tank of diesel your not about to say no.

300 miles later and we have travelled all around the country and really enjoyed every moment. And although I really have to wonder what anyone needs with heated windscreen washers, windscreen wiper that know when its raining and annoying alarms and sensors that know everything from when your not wearing your seat belt to when your feeling cold it truely was a beautiful car and it is amazing how many heads turn when your driving along.

We visited Wookey Hole where my darling daughter didnt fail to point out to our tour guide inside the caves that the fascinating piece of moulded rock he was pointing out could'nt possibly be the Wookey witch turned to stone (as he was claiming) because he had in the previous cave shown us where they had found the her bones. What could I say - she had a point. It was a perfect family weekend.

Jo and Ethan as the dinosaur park Posted by Picasa

In other news my tumble dryer is now lying on its side in bits in the conservatory - Not that I saying I told him so!!!! So I have figured out the belt snapped and have ordered a new one. As Gary is not back till the weekend I tried dropping a few hints to my Dad but he wasnt picking them up - So I guess I will have to have a go, No comments on taking the plug out first please, I am pretty sure I can manage to fix it without any men .... so there lol

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