Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Ok yes I know I have to update but what do you say when all you have done all day is sit on your lazy arse fiddling on the computer.

Shall I tell you I aced my History essay with the highest mark in the class - nah I dont want to bore you.

Shall I tell you that the conservatory roof is leaking because it hasnt stopped pissing down in the last day ?? nope because I dont care so why should you.

Shall I tell you I just had some sneaky chocolate and have just ruined my first week of dieting ? Nope you heard that all before as well, and before you say anything no Paul Mckenna will not make me thin - Its total rubbish.

What am I going to tell you? Nothing. There is very little I can tell you that would equal this I will say no more for today.