Monday, January 16, 2006

I have three friends that have just woken up one day and completely changed their outlook on life and have without problem lost between two and four stone (28 - 56lbs). When I ask them how they did it they say "It was easy, all you have to do is eat healthily and exercise" I KNOW THAT, What I mean is HOW DID YOU DO THAT???

I just cant do it. Its official I seriously, without a doubt, have no willpower. It must have got up and went when I was 9 stone (126 lbs)

What happens to transform peoples lives like that?? And why cant this happen to me?? This really gets me down, Especially when I see the positive results it has had on their lives. I am so obsessed with dieting and trying lose weight and yet thats all I seem to do then is eat huge amounts of food or starve myself completely.

I managed to lose 4lbs last week which I am sure .. Given what I have eaten this evening (No joke there) It has gone back on. I dont know why, I wasnt hungry. So it has to be a mental thing right???

Omg I sound nuts now, I have mental issues!!!!!!! Someone sign me in quick (ooo think of all the weight I would lose if I was locked up) Enough already!!