Tuesday, January 24, 2006

In this half an hour of sheer exhaustion when I am unable to do anything else I thought I would blog. Yes thats right I have been exercising - And it nearly killed me. Davina you have alot to answer for!!!! I am too knackered to reach the remote control which means I have to suffer celebrity fit club.

Todays madness consists of

1 Trying to cut the wart on my face off with a nail scissiors - Its not a wise thing to do - and suprisingly bleeds ALOT.

2 Forgetting I put a load of sharp knives in a sink full of water and nearly slicing my fingers off.

3 Finding something squishy and sticky under Ethans bed (Which I still havent identified) Also wondering why he has a tape measure, screwdiver and £1.72 under there as well.

4 Not eating chocolate - Yes unbelievably a whole day without chocolate - Has the whole world gone mad????

5 Forgetting I left my conservatory door wide open when I went to pick the kids up from school OOps lucky I dont have anything worth pinching!!

6 Watcing some of Celebrity big brother - I know I need shooting as it is a totally horrid crime, one I swore never to commit.

Can I last another day without chocolate - how much you wanna bet?? Huh Huh ?