Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Since going through my christmas and all its events would take to long. Here are some of the pics from the last two weeks.

Look Look Santa has been Posted by Picasa

Lots of mess Posted by Picasa

Emily :"Look at my christmas pressie"  Posted by Picasa

Snap !!! Posted by Picasa

Dont buy one, its not clever, its not funny and it will result in chocolate fights!!! Posted by Picasa

Emily :"How do you get the vinegar out dammit" Posted by Picasa

Emily top left, Natalie top right, Eloise bottom right. Me bottom left. The last time we will all be together for 6 months. Posted by Picasa

My first day at school Posted by Picasa

That last one is for Jilly because I know it will make her go awwww. He didnt shed a tear, wish the same could be said for me. He made me so proud.

Natalie left this morning to go back to her home in America. I am not too sad, as we will be on our way out to see her again in June.

Happy new year all. Its been emotional!