Friday, January 06, 2006

I cant stand it anymore - Why do I have to have the only children on earth that are obsessed with the Beatles, specifically Yellow submarine. Its amazing how a film 38 years old can capture their imagination.

Since christmas (when I stupidly bought them the dvd - I must have been drunk at the time) they have watched it approximately 15 times and that is no exaggeration.

I made the even bigger mistake of buying them the soundtrack as well - How stupid am I??? Good songs yes, Day in day out they just get a bit too much. I am beginning to think I do actually live in a yellow submarine. You get some pretty weird looks driving around with two kids singing their hearts out to 'Lucy in the sky with diamonds'

Then there are the questions.... Why are the blue meanies mean? Why is Eleanor Rigby lonley etc etc.

All together now, all togther now ... allllllll together now. I am going mad.

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