Friday, September 17, 2004

I have to have chocolate

I got up this morning feeling really rotton, The kids had been fighting since 6am and I am really tired although I have no idea why. I have stuck to the Slimfast thing all week (except Monday oops) and yes it has been really hard - the only thing that has kept me trying is the fact that I know Gary is sticking to it. You see I have never seen the point to it - I mean one shake is about 200 calories and you are supposed to have one for breakfast and one for lunch - Now my reasoning is why not have 200 calories of FOOD which I think is a better idea. I am not a lover of Slimfast at all as you can tell but hey Gary wanted to try it so ok I will give it a shot with him. I got on the scales this morning and I have lost 2lbs - Is that all I thought - for all that agony. I ate chocolate this morning - I have eaten in total 800 calories of food - which I am sure has to be better than slimfast - shhhhhh though Dont tell Gary lol

Whilst surfing the other day I came across a collector fayre in Milton Keynes that I wouldnt mind going to - There are loads of people there I would love to meet including many LOTR stars. Gary said ok we can go but I dont think he knows the extent of what he is saying. You have to start queing to get in at 6am - Do you think I should tell him that ?? In all honesty I dont think we will end up going which is a shame as I will have to wait a little longer to meet my second husband Billy Boed :)

What else have I done this week ?? Cleaned, washed clothes, sorted out toys (its about time I did this as the kids have far too many.) I have also had some discussions with Joanna who has started to react badly in the mornings when I drop her off for school. I have spoken to her teacher to see if alls ok in school but she assures me that Joannas temper tantrums are all for my attention. They spend far too much time with me I think.

I have to enrol for college again on Tuesday - A bit nervous as this time I have to go to Swansea University to do this, instead of the centre in Tairgwaith where I study. I start level two this year, only 4 years to go lol and things start to get serious - I had better work a little harder. I start back on the 29th and am really looking forward.

I am going out on Saturday night woooooo hooooo, I dont get to go out much but we are going for a meal and a few drinks with another couple we know. What shall I wear - Here it comes the depression because I cant fit into anything nice - I shouldnt have eaten the chocolate. ah well I will have to find something, I might curl my hair :)

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