Wednesday, September 22, 2004

I give in

I am not meant to lose weight so I think I am not gonna bother at the moment, Anne you are totally right about the Slimfast thing, and I knew that before I started so I dont know why I bothered lol.

Went out on Saturday night - was supposed to be for a meal, but it ended up as a pub crawl with some friends instead. We had a brilliant time - Gary behaved well considering how much he hates clubbing, especially considering the drama leading up to the night, first of all I decided to put my hair in curlers and when I pulled them out I looked as if I had an electric shock - I spent over an hour trying to calm it down lol it was that curly. Then whilst we were waiting for the taxi by the front door despite Garys warnings to me and the babysitter Eloise my sister to watch the cat wouldnt escape - guess what - yeap she escaped. Dont get me wrong this would be no big deal if I hadnt paid £500 for a pedigree breeding queen. After catching her we wondered where our taxi was and on phoning them they told us that they had been looking for an address that didnt even exsist. We took the car in the end and left it overnight.

We got home at about 2am and collapsed into bed - not really used to the clubbing thing. Ethan then kept us up most of the night :(

I had to enrol in college again last night - I have to do this every year. I study for a part time degree. I am in the third year of six years. This year we had to enrol at Swansea University instead of at the local learning centres where we are taught. It was quite strange - I havent been to an university since I left the first time seven years ago. I had to find my way around with a map and stand in ques whilst everything got processed. One of the members of my class said to me "Come on - since we are here why dont we go over the student union for a pint" Dont get me wrong I probabaly wouldnt have minded if Malcolm wasnt a 74 year old who has had three heart attacks in the last year. We all declined and agreed that we would all get together soon.

Today I am faced with a mound of cleaning and ironing etc having been more than a bit lazy over the last few days - So many things I am avoiding but I now must do them :(

Here goes .....

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