Sunday, September 05, 2004

Just a few little pills???

What a weekend. Why do men think that they are the only people on earth?? Why do they belive they come before everything. Gary asked me about a week ago to get his prescription, He is on tablets that stop his excess stomach acid that gives him terrible heartburn. Although I have been flat out all last week preparing for the kids to go back to school I got his prescription request in - which it turns out never got done ***of course this is my fault*** So I asked them to get it done for me and asked the pharmacy to deliver it for me. They never did **My fault again**

Gary hasnt spoken to me all weekend, He has shouted at the kids all weekend as well. I mean its no wonder he gets heartburn. He has gone to bed now - still not speaking to me - And I feel like shouting at him "I AM NOT YOUR MOTHER" We dont get to spend much time together but he has successfully ruined a whole weekend.
So I feel a bit down now not that I would let him see that.

I have a college induction on tuesday -So I will finally be out and about and seeing all my friends again. I have missed everyone so much over the summer. I need to get back to being more than a wife and mother. I am getting to the stage I guess where I need more from life. Theres plenty of time though - right now I need to be with the kids.

I dont have much other news. My mum and I went to another boot sale and found a few bargains - I begin selling on ebay again this week. Christmas with two kids takes alot of planning and alot of money. So it begins here.

I have diet class tomorrow - I have put on weight - I cant find any motivation. I am now nearly as heavy as Gary and cant seem to stop eating. So depressing.

I am going to go before I bore you all to death - I will be in a better mood when I post again Promise.

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