Monday, September 13, 2004

The challenge!!!!

After another bad week on the diet, Gary insists we have to lose some weight and fast. So in his infinate wisdom he went out and bought us both a weeks supply of Slimfast. We now have a bet on who can lose the most weight in a week. Now this is relatively easy for him - He is in work all day and hasnt time to eat however I stay at home. I had had my two slimfasts by 11.30am and was starving. I am really lacking in willpower. After a couple of packets of crisps and a couple of Milky bars I decided I may as well give in for the day and proceeded to eat and eat and eat. Gary tells me he has stuck to the diet all day :( :( I guess I am going to lose then :( I will probably be the only person alive to gain weight whilst on Slimfast lol

We were thinking of going out on Saturday night but I will be lucky if I can get into any of my clothes. Ok Ok moan over. Well theres one good thing Most Haunted live is on again tonight so theres something interesting to watch. I am getting on ok with the LOTR book now although it is very different to the film.

I have retired Food 4 thought from the site fights finally - I never won the Dome but I just didnt have the time to keep voting. I am now looking for a nice (free) autumn picture to make a nice set for Loud Ladies.

My auctions are going ok on ebay although I havent made very much yet I am hoping that some auctions ending tomorrow will be good and I still have loads more to go on.

We went and booked some bikes for the kids for christmas on Sunday, so thats their main pressie sorted - all I have to do now is pay for it. I want to make this Christmas good so I have started planning already lol.

Ok back to looking for autumn pics.

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