Monday, September 27, 2004

Monday's mean cleaning

I hate Monday mornings, Not only is it a mad rush to get the kids up, dressed and out of the house, but I have to come home to a tip and start cleaning up the debris from the weekend. Yes thats right Gary is worse than the kids - he makes more mess, winds me up more and generally annoys. I guess thats men for you.

We took the kids up to his mothers yesterday and my mother in law had a new toy - A blood pressure testing machine. So we took mine 155/88 which I think is quite good for me - Then we took Garys, 110/63 so he is so chilled he is nearly dead - He spends most of his time stressing me out. I tell you this marriage thing is hard work.

Ethan has taken to getting up at 5am at the moment, and I am totally exausted. My husbands only answer to that is "welcome to the real world" I just want to punch him, He does his hours (granted 70 a week) but thats it, he never worries about the bills, the kids or anything else. He doesnt lift a finger and he still has it harder than anyone else.

Didnt get up to much else this weekend. Joanna is now officially enrolled in Ballet (although I am the one who has to take her every Saturday cos that is too much to ask of hubby obviously) She is thrilled. I also bought her a poncho from ebay and she strutted into the playground this morning proudly, she seems very popular which makes me happy.

I have bought a few christmas pressies now and am glad that I have started as October is nearly upon us.

I managed FTP this weekend - Finally I have it sussed - very happy with myself (I must be a computer genius lol) I also have some brilliant new plug ins for my psp which is also great.

Diet - Well dont talk about that - I havent gained or lost which is ok but its not looking good. Gary put on 2, hurray he is not perfect.

Well on with the cleaning.

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