Thursday, September 09, 2004

Doesnt god understand I have no will power?

Well yes I am in a better mood although it was touch and go there for a while. Gary and I have made up and all is well with the world. We have decided we need to socialise and get out a bit more - So Mum and sisters if you are reading then I will be calling on your services more to babysit (obviously not you Naty as Seattle is a little far to drop the kids off for a night out lol) We are planning a night out a week Saturday and I am already planning lol

I am officially trading on ebay again - so if your after any any 80's toys check out my auctions - do a search under the screen name jomarise. Its amazing, all summer I have collected junk from car boot sales and chucked carrier bag upon carrier bag under the stairs and now it looks like I have loads to put on - I listed about 20 items today and have at least double that to go on again. Looks like I will have christmas paid for sooner than I think. I already sold one item today and I had forgotton the buzz you get from it.

I have just started reading the Lord of the rings trilogy - I guess they are those books you have to read but just dont want to - Its so tough I find myself reading aloud just to comprehend the words and I am only on the prologue lol.

ah well no other news here - Shopping day tomorrow - Not a good day for the diet. I lost half a pound this week but only by starving myself two days before class - What I am gonna do for Monday I dont know - I havent been very good as usual. There are so many nice things out there to eat. Even the low calorie stuff is nice - Only problem with that is I eat the whole pack of low calorie biscuits when your only supposed to eat two. I mean who only eats two biscuits??? I HATE DIETS - why cant chocolate either contain no fat or not exsist - Doesnt god understand I have no will power?

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