Monday, April 18, 2005

There are many things in my life I dont understand. If you know any answers please let me know. Here are the whys ....

1. Why do I still get excited about getting mail even though I only ever get bills?

2. Why does Weetabix go so hard on the breakfast bowls if you dont wash it off right away?

3. Why are men so damn irrational?

4. Why doesnt salad taste as good as chocolate?

5. Why is it the more channels you have on your tv the less there is on?

6. Why is it I always see things I like whilst window shopping but even the same stuff isnt half as appealing when I have money?

7. Why does grass grow so quickly and yet the seeds I planted (following the instructions exactly) wont grow at all?

8. Why do the takeaways either laugh or simply dont deliver when I tell them I live in Springfield

And here are the hows...

9. How can kids make so much mess brushing their teeth?

10. How can you put a stone on in 6 weeks but losing it takes 6 months

11. How come after 13 years I still cant remember my inlaws birthdays

12. How come my life is soo boring that I really can think about nothing better to blog about (Dont take the piss in the comments ;) !!!!)

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