Sunday, April 10, 2005

7 days and counting - Yes that I have managed to stay that long on a diet is truely amazing. I am going to weigh on Wednesday and if I havent suffered enough to lose 5lbs then I am gonna smash the scales to bits. Still feel fat and still feel shitty.

The chidren are back in school tomorrow after a fortnight off which means I have to get my lazy arse out of bed at 7am, The peace during the day will be worth it though. How did my house stand up to the kids being home?

Well Joanna decided to blow dry her own hair and forgot to switch the dryer off - The result was she burnt her bedroom carpet. Looks like it has minature crop circles in it - Hmmmm havent showed that one to hubby yet.

She also decided it would be fun to decorate her bedroom walls with body glitter that I was stupid enough to buy her. My theory on all this is that its her bedroom and as long as I can get in there twice a week to get her dirty clothes then all is ok with the world.

Ethan hasnt been so bad, I mean apart from the toothpaste and the cat incident ( I wont go into details)

Gary remains occupied with his new love DAF (his truck) and me .... well I am just muddling along trying to avoid most things I can squirm my way out of, like Visiting the optician, getting my overdue smear test and finally writing my three overdue essays. I so want to eat a huge bar of chocolate right now.

Note to self : Get your act together and wise up

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