Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Ok so I know its already a day late but I am still here. Children are stressing me out, the chores are undone and the chocolate was really nice. Yes I ate chocolate - I have been stressed this week, not only am I suffering from a really really bad case of pms, I have had a 3000 word essay dues in on Freud (Yes I know - Not easy stuff) Result = Chocolate, weigh in meant 1lb on, Hmmmmm not amused but saw it coming. Jilly you owe me a fiver!!!!

So sorry to all my daily reads, I will visit and catch up on all your blogs I promissssse.

I have another two history essays due in by next Wednesday which means I dont get to spend much time playing yahoo pool (One of my new obsessions)

On the bright side I am going to be unbelievably sad this weekend and travel to Milton Keynes with my sisters to Collectormania Reason why I want to go
1. No kids 2. Sean Astin 3. No hubby 4. Its in the middle of a huge shopping centre 5. Theres bound to be a pub somewhere 6. No kids or hubby.

I think I have made my point :) Have a great day all

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