Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Is it me or is everyone obsessed with something. Husband has had to go back on the road because we struggle on his lower pay. So he has a nice new truck to do this in. Now honestly you would swear this truck was actually living the way he talks about "her" He has big plans for "her" he wants to get more flashy lights for "her" and of course he needs some new stickers and mats too.

Meantime daughter has developed a fascination with vanity, where she gets this from I have no idea as I am by no means vain. She changes clothes about five times a day and always has her disney princess make up on along with her one and only real necklace. On watching 101 dalmations this week she now wants to know everything about fur coats and I simply cannot answer enough questions (yes even the morbid ones) I could not believe it when she asked a lady in town who was wearing a fur coat if she was Cruella De Vil.

The boy although only three is not without his own little obsession - Small toy cars. Last count he has over 200. Every time he is asked what he wants for birthdays, days out - Anything that involves a little treat - Its cars. He loves them and takes them everywhere with him. yes all 200 :(

My mum is obsessed with Ebay, My dad with music, One of my sisters loves Stargate and the other spends every waking moment acting.

So this got me wondering what was my obsession - I didnt have to look very far did I ?? To my shame I must spend a good 40 - 50 hours online a week. Now if thats not obsessed I dont know what is. I surf anything - blogs, Ebay, msn groups. Is it actually possible to get bored of the internet?

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