Sunday, April 03, 2005

I always have an image in my head of how the perfect family day out would go, where the kids behave, dont have tantrums, eat the food they are given and dont nag me reapeatedly for things I can't afford to buy them. Yesterday was the first time this has ever happened.We had an all round good day out at a farm/funfair park called Folly Farm. I didn't argue with hubby, he didn't drive like an idiot there or back and I didn't spend the day dying for a pee because I couldn't find a toilet.

Today however is a different story. You see whilst hubby and me slept in this morning our darling children decided it would be fun to get up early and sneak downstairs and empty the cupboards. In little over an hour they ate 5 packs of mini cheaddars, 3 packets of monster munch, 7 kinder bars, 8 packets of chewits, 2 packets of snack a jacks, 2 fortune cookies (dont ask) and 3 bars of chocolate. This went along with them getting into my make up box and plastering themselves in make up, Putting half a bottle of nail varnish in Ethans hair and also watering their teddy bears to see if they would grow.

This resulted in Gary shouting rather loudly and me spending alot of time cleaning. Hubby has banned me from getting them sweets or treats all week - Thats ok for him to say He doesnt have to put up with the shit I am gonna get for this. It's only 1.30pm and I cant wait until bedtime. I have another week left of the holidays and I wonder how I will keep sane. Why do teachers have to have so many holidays? Does boarding school cost alot? Ah ignore me I have a cold and I wanna have a tantrum too, plus I really have to start my diet this week because hubby says you can notice I have put on ALOT of weight. I know what you are thinking but no I havent killed him YET.

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