Sunday, April 24, 2005

Why is there always someone in this world that makes you feel inferior or makes all the effort in the world to try and make you feel that way?

Today we had a Sunday dinner with the in laws and Garys (hubby) brother and his family. Garys brother goes out of his way to highlight what he has and we dont. We usually do our best to avoid such family dinners, However after dodging it for nearly 18 months its about time we made the effort especially knowing what it means to my mother in law seeing her two sons together.

So I knew what to expect right? So why did I paint my nails, put on three types of face cream, and spend over half an hour making sure that my daughters hair was perfect? I really dont know.

So the brother in law and family turn up in a brand new car and then asked us why we hadnt bothered changing ours in the last two years.

He then proceeded to insult the amount of grey in Garys hair (despite the fact that even though he is only 2 years older than Gary, lost all his hair about 5 years ago)
Garys reply was "I can dye mine - Yours will never grow back"

Then it was how much do you earn? Then where are you going on holiday this year we just got back from Cuba. Then how did you two have such beautful kids? And finally How much do you weigh?

I mean why do they need to know - We dont speak to them from one year to the next. Families eh? They are never easy.

Aims for this week, 1 Go to gym three times (yes I joined a gym YEY me!!) 2 Blog every two days (Ms Mac where do you find the time to blog so much??) 3. Write at least two of the three essays I have due in.

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