Sunday, October 03, 2004

12 Weeks till xmas

I cant believe its October already. September has flown by, and I havent got all that much done. I have made a start on Christmas shopping so thats something. My ebay auctions are going well so I have got some great pressies for them.

Not alot has happened this week - Just an endless week of cleaning, getting kids to school in the rain, picking them up in the rain and running around going to kids parties - Fantastic. At one of the parties I ended up stuck with my friends mother in law and the vicar - Not my idea of fun. Oh well nevermind it could be worse!!

We had a nice family weekend, didnt do anything or go anywhere, just stayed in and messed around, watched some films and ate. lol sometimes thats the best fun ever.

The car is playing up - Keeps cutting out all the time - I am praying it doesnt break down - I cant cope without the car.

The diet has completely gone out the window - Its official - I cant stop eating - I am a foodaholic if there is such a thing. I ate and ate and ate this weekend.

I started back to college this wednesday, we had a really cool history teacher, he was exactly what you would expect, gold circular glasses, a green velvet waistcoat etc He was so full of enthusiasm it was great to sit there and listen to him. I have to get loads of books, I went out and looked for them at WHSmith and nearly all are out of print. Makes you wonder where's the sense asking you to get them then. I have found a few on Ebay but its gonna cost.

I am hoping for a quieter life this week - although thats never the case lol.

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