Wednesday, October 20, 2004

:( :( :( :(

Not a happy bunny, feel crap. Got a cold and diet goes badly. House is a mess and I have loads and loads to do. Dont know where to start anymore. Kids are fighting and wont stop - I am surprised they havent put each other in hospital yet ***sssshhhhhh Sarah - Dont curse yourself****

Everything seems dull and grey at the moment. The winter months are drawing in and it is getting colder. I cant wait till the kids go to bed so I can crash on the sofa - If I had a big bar of chocolate I would be eating it.

On a brighter note I had a great time on Saturday night, Ended up in a club rather than the civilised meal I had set out in my mind. Walked home in the cold at 1.30am with a kebab. Didnt have a hangover though so that cant be bad.

Had college today, one of my friends mother died on Saturday, she seems to be coping extremely well. I feel so sad for her though. Half term looms over me. Next week I shall be home all next week with my little angels - Better start thinking up things to do now.

Right better go and get a few things done. Something is better than nothing right ????

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