Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Feeling brainy

I had college today, I arrived late which wasnt a good start, the traffic was terrible. I go to college because I enjoy studying the History but along with that I have to study another subject and this year it is counselling again. Now dont get me wrong, the teacher is lovely - Its just that I am not an over emotional person and I have to say that alot of what goes on in class goes over my head. Everyone in the class seems to have had such deep emotional experiences and me ....... Well I am just me and I dont think I have ever done or experienced anything which has envolked such a response.

I am out of my depth or that is the way I feel sometimes, I mean to me and I am being truthfull and am trying not to be ignorant, it just sounds like alot of nonsense. The homework we had to prepare for todays class was simply "how is myself constructed" We werent supposed to do any deep philosophical reading, just simply answer the question from our heads. I didnt have a clue and this morning (an hour and a half before class) I thought I had better write an answer. So I wrote a brief answer saying what I kind person I felt I was. When I got to class I was horrified to see that everyone had written pages of deep and meaningful answers. OK so I mean whats going on - Where does it all come from?????????

The teacher went around the class asking for our answer, I listened and sat there thinking "oh no I am going to look ridiculous. I really cant say what I have written" so came my turn............ I looked at the paper and looked up and repeated the question. "How is myself constructed?" I resisted the urge to say a head, two arms, two legs and a body and said........ "I see myself as not finished, I am still being constructed and cannot answer yet because I do not know what the final result will be" Silence

Oh no, I thought, disaster. The teacher looked at me and said "wow what an excellent answer ... You have obviously pondered the question long and hard" Everyone agreed that my perspective was the best and I am therefore class genius. Well there we are. What would you have said .... How are you constructed? Think about it, Its not as easy as you think.

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