Saturday, October 23, 2004

Took the children to a birthday party this afternoon and after months of trying I managed to drag Gary along with me. His face the whole time was a picture. He sat there in stubborn determindness not to talk to any of the other parents the entire time and almost shook with terror when the local vicar (a parent of one of the children at the party) came to sit by us, He picked up on the vibes and departed swiftly. The children enjoyed though.

The children attend a voluntary aided religious school chosen by as at it was the best, we felt, in the area. Not being religious people it was quite a decision. however it has some how began to worry me lately that our children are not christened (both my husband and I are) I have no idea why, it just now seems of importance. I intend to invesigate the matter further.

The week ahead consists of me painstakingly trying to entertain the children over half term. Whilst Ethan visits his grandmother at some point in the week I intend to take Joanna to see her first film at the cinema. She is nearly five. I hope she sits there without to much drama.

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