Thursday, October 14, 2004

Peace at last

Finally the kids were in school today and Gary was at work all day and I have peace all day and night lol.

I have spent the day lazing around the house all day and catching up on everything online - Bliss - Not to mention all the eating I have done - Dont worry though - Thats it on Saturday I am starting on a 10 week slimdown for xmas with the rest of the group at Loud Ladies

Not done much else today really, A friend of mine Neil got a new car and couldnt wait to show it off so he brought it round earlier on. Its a Passat - really nice. I just know Gary will want a new car now though lol.

I handed my notice in at the family centre meeting the night before last - It wasnt as bad as I thought. Our coordinator took it rather well, I think she must have been expecting it.

Tommorrow is another busy day here and I am looking forward to a good weekend, We are off out with friends of our whom we havent been out with in a while. Shall I get new clothes or not?

Me and the kids had our first attempt at pumpkin carving last night lol It was only a small one - A practice run, what you think???

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