Sunday, October 24, 2004

Today as the children were up my mother in laws, we had a walk around town, I marvelled at all the decorations and collected all the christmas catalogue. This afternoon in my boredom I started compiling christmas lists for the childrens presents. I think I will need a bank loan. There are so many things I want to get them - so many nice things.

The formula one season is over - finally. Nah I dont mean that really, it is something both Gary and I enjoy. However I have got a bit fed up of watching Michael Schmacher win. Its about time he retired I think.

Tomorrow half term begins, and the so does destruction of the house and my sanity. I shall be mad by the end of the week lol. Have quite a few things planned actually but tommorrow we will probably stay in for the day.

On a happy note the diet has gone well all weekend wooooo hoooo. Tomorrow when Gary is back in work the challenge begins. There is a huge pot of chocolate spread in the cupboard, I will need all of my willpower to resist it. Do you have any spare???

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