Monday, October 11, 2004

Panic panic

Dont the shops really know what they are doing, Today as I was walking through the shopping centre I noticed that the christmas decorations are already up, On walking into Asda I noticed lots of tins of quality street jumping out at me, When I got to Wilkinsons a life size plastic Santa greeted me at the door, and whilst walking around I was bombarded by little fibre optic gadgets singing christmas carols. I wonder whether or not their intention is to strike fear into every mother out shopping and make her think "omg I havent got any pressies for my children yet" and I think it probably is. I am not organised - I should have lists by now but I dont. They have suceeded - I am stressing.

Didnt get up to alot over the weekend. Gary didnt get home until late on Saturday so we couldnt go far as Joanna had ballet in the afternoon and Gary took the car to get some new tyres. Sunday the children went up to Garys mothers, Peace lol. So then I had to put up with Gary who was in a funny mood all day. We spent most of the day play fighting and now I have lots of bruises cos he is stronger than me lol - Not to worry I have nails and scratched him plenty of times. We had fun, it makes a change to act like a kid and its good exercise.

Last night though Gary got sick and has been off work and under my feet all day, I did get everything done - I was a good little housewife lol and have hardly been online since last Friday. Tomorrow though he should be back in work and I should finally get some peace to get some work done for college on Wednesday - I think I shall try and prepare a little better this time.

The diet goes well for three days now, Today I have been extra good and am hoping before long that I shall get over some of the cravings I am getting for chocolate. Oh I wish I could afford liposuction, but yet again the lottery people forgot it was my turn to win the jackpot.

I have a meeting for the family centre tomorrow night, We started setting one up about 2 and a half years ago with a local children society. However we just dont seem to be getting there, we have no sign yet of opening up the centre even though we have been given premises by the council (one which needs extensive renovation that is not taking place) I took on the responsibility with the view that it may be beneficial to my own children however now as Joanna is in school and Ethan is at playgroup it wont be. On Saturday I got the news that we have recieved £60000 from the national lottery and tomorrow I have made the decsion after telling our coordinator that we got the funding (something we have been trying to get for the last year) that I have decided to resign, along with our chairperson - Who is also resigning tomorrow. I feel that if I am going to donate my time to a cause like this then I would rather it be to Joannas school where my children will benefit. None the less I am dreading tomorrow night.

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