Thursday, March 31, 2005

I am absolutely wrecked. In theory having a joint party for both your kids (even though there is nearly two months between their birthdays) is a good idea. The harsh reality is that you are heading for a nervous breakdown.

You see, I thought telling them I would cancel the party if they didn't behave was a smart idea. Reality was they make my life hell for the week leading up to it.

I thought giving Joanna her new shoes on the morning of her party would be a good idea - she could break them in a bit. Reality was she spent the entire day clonking about in them asking when she could put the rest of her party clothes on. Never have a birthday party at 4pm in the holidays.

I thought if Gary started extra early there would be no problem him getting home in time. Reality was that this just mean't to his boss he could fit more in. This situation ended with me threatening Gary with a horrible death if he was not back in time. He got home.

I thought asking family as well as the childrens friends would get the whole thing over in one go. Reality was they all came to the house early and I had to sit with my mother in law all the way through the party.

I thought that having the party at the local kids funpark was less hassle. Reality was that 20 kids running around screaming "We are free" repeatedly had to get told off by someone and guess who that was!

I thought this would also mean less mess at home. Reality was my house is a tip because they had bags of presents and got to bring the left over food home. Also why buy play doh and stickers for a present - Its just nasty.

You have a picture of things in your head of how things will go - why do they never go like that? Reality is harsh.

All in all though things went ok, kids enjoyed and I am £90 poorer. My darling daughter is 5 years old today. Happy Birthday Joanna.

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And if it ever gets back to hubby that I posted this pic I will die the horrible death.

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