Friday, March 11, 2005

YEY me!! I went to the gym today and am feeling super fit and healthy. Of course as one of the biggest people there (amoung all the rakes) the only thing I could do was see the funny side of things. Hence we spent most of the time giggling. I got alot of dirty looks from 'serious' gym goers.

Feel alot more cheerful :) I would love to join up there especially since students get a discount. But moneys not looking to rosy at the moment. Since Gary has stopped been away and earning good money things seem very tight. I wonder how everyone manages on a 'normal' wage. So question - should he stay home and be permanently broke or send him away so we can have the nicer things?

Ooo And should I secretly join the gym and tell him later?? lol If only I knew the answers!!!

If you cant see the pictures above its because msn are playing up and thats where I save my pics too. Please could you just take a second to tell me if you see the comment box below as a few people are telling me they are not seeing it and I dont know why :(

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