Sunday, March 06, 2005

There are many reasons according to my husband why I shouldnt be allowed in the kitchen.

1. I really am dangerous with a knife - I have nearly cut of my fingers many a time.

2. I hate putting food in the oven - After burning myself when I was younger in cookery class making.

3. I always forget we have a smoke alarm - I dont intentionally burn things though.

4. Apparently I make a rubbish cup of coffee - So Gary, Garys mum and Dad and my mum and dad tell me.

5. Any kind of chocolate, biscuits, ice cream or nearly anything really (apart from fruit) arn't say in there.

6. I do not wash dishes properly - Now dont ask me where hubby gets this from - If the foods off them they are clean right?

7. I use cake mix to make cakes

8. I dont own an apron.

9. I add quorn and sugar to spagetti bolognese. (It tastes brilliant though)

10. I can't cut bread straight.

I have told him if I am so terrible then he should get on with it himself. As you can imagine to stay out of the kitchen is quite difficult in my present occupation.

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