Thursday, March 17, 2005

I havent burnt the house down yet - But its not looking good. This weekend I am preparing beef in puff pastry with steamed vegetables and some mushroom thing. I have bought all the spices and even figured out how to work the cooker. I still refuse to buy an apron. I will let you know how my culinary masterpiece goes.

On a different subject I am still trying to get hubby to buy me a new car but even my best "I love you" eyes arnt working. He says I dont look after the one I have and that I havent washed the car for so long the bird shit will never come off it. In my best efforts to persuede him I took the car to Tescos for a car wash. £5 to get it washed - What a rip off. (He was right though it didn't come off)

Soooooo I decided to vacumn it as well - How good am I??? However ..... What I did next will haunt me forever. After putting in my money and marvelling at the power of the hover I decided to start with the seats. But unfortunately for me thats where I had left my car keys. On immediately realising I frantically grabbed at them but alas had to watch them dissapear up the nozzle. Why the hell is it big enough to suck up my keys anyway eh?

I then had to suffer the embarressment of going into the Tescos petrol station and explaining my predicament. Between the cashiers fits of laughter they told me unsurprisingly it had never happened before. Thankfully I was able to recover my keys from the machine although they were a bit dusty. I have decided not to mention the incident to hubby.

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