Monday, March 28, 2005

I have had such a busy week I wonder where I find the time to breathe. After fitting in two essays in, in a day (yes I know I shouldnt leave them till last minute but I do) Visiting family, having sisters down to stay, going out for a family meal as well as fitting in what seems like thousands of other things, Gary decides on Sunday it is take your wife to work day. Only problem with that is that he is a truck driver.

After having refused many many times and having watched him go to all the effort of finding a babysitter I really couldn't say no.

Soooo off we went early Sunday morning - Believe me when I say I would rather have been at home scoffing easter eggs.

The open Road Posted by Hello

We travelled from South to North Wales and back all in a day. Through some spectacular scenery.

Wild Wales Posted by Hello

And I tell you what we talked all the way there and back stopping only to pick up some drinks and chocolate (Yes thats my fault lol) He transports chipped wood and we delivered to a place that had mountains and mountains of the stuff.

Thats alot of wood chip Posted by Hello

I was impressed with myself and really adapted well to trucking life, I had my travel mug of tea, I got myself a yorkie and we even stopped in a truck stop for a truckers dinner lol.

Proper trucker now aint I? Posted by Hello

Had a brilliant day though - Got a rather sexy picture of hubby in all his work gear lol will show you all if you ask me nicely.

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