Monday, March 21, 2005

You see its like this..... I really was going to make the beef in puff pastry thing but ..... Wales won the grand slam rugby and... well it was very good and like most people in Wales I had to have a few drinks to celebrate.

I had every intention of making a perfect romantic evening meal however my laziness got in the way so I ended up making the following - Beef in satay sauce (very nice) Garlic mushrooms and yung chow fried rice. It was amazing - I am such a good cook.

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OK OK maybe not. **Hangs head in shame**

I did however make a first class sunday dinner, all the trimmings and semolina to follow (havent had that in years) Everyone ate the lot which meant I was glowing with smug satisfaction all day - The car keys incident is all a distant memory now, with any luck this will be an incident free week (I have just jinxed myself now havent I?)

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