Friday, March 04, 2005

I am back in blogging world - I have been neglecting you all. I deny all blame for this. My darling husband has found a new way for me to contribute to the household income without me leaving the house (as if breeding cats and selling EBay isnt enough) Surveys. Yes thats right surveys - I am now filling in about 10 a day and boy is it keeping me busy.

Other reasons why I have a busy life right now...

Yet again I have left all my college essays till last minute and now have three to do by next Wednesday.

Husband is still doing his "Woe is me" act with his foot and therefore I am still playing dutiful wife to him.

I am trying to train Ethan boy to stay dry in the night - resulting in lots of extra washing (and me falling down the stairs trying to carry too many wet sheets - OUCH)

Oh and Joannas school called me to pick her up this morning as she was feeling sick. She made it to the main steps of the school before throwing up all the way down them. Nice! She is fine now and tucking into a big plate of chips and beans.

Have you heard the UK eurovision entries? I really think it would be better if we didnt enter. Nuff said!!

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