Monday, March 14, 2005

Another Monday and another day of endless housewife crap. Husband has conluded that I must cook more to save money and have a healthier diet. Only problem is I cant cook - No I really cant. I got together with Gary 13 years ago and yet three years ago my mother in law bought me a basic cookbook for my birthday. It taught me how to boil an egg - Now dont get me wrong I am not totally shit in the kitchen - I just dont see myself as the apron wearing, bread baking, always got cookies on the go, kind of housewife.

So tomorrow I venture forth into that scarey place called the supermarket and will be buying lots of vegetables - other ingredients (unless its a sauce in a jar I am not too sure what ingredients are lol) and a damn good cookbook.

Now although I have visions of creating masterpiece meals that everyone looks forward to every day I have the feeling its going to be more of a case of everyone looking puzzled at the plate trying to suss out what it was.

I was planning on starting afresh on the diet anyways so I guess its not all bad. Perhaps I should now buy an apron as well.

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