Sunday, January 30, 2005

A care bear tried to kill me yesterday. Yes thats right - those soft cuddly things with the tattoo on their tummy. Its amazing how much they hurt when they are launched at you at 100mph by your daughter, son and husband (yes thats right husband)
Of course after that I declared war and threw a full scale teddy tantrum literally. The upstairs of my house has not yet recovered, I should have really cleaned them up afterward but couldnt be bothered, Got up in the middle of the night and nearly fell down the stairs on a cuddly singing dog. Curse the person who decided to add annoying music to soft toys. Why is it only grandparents who buy toys that make noise?

We all followed the teddy incident by making some cakes, But unfortunately husband misread teaspoon and put tablespoons of water in the butter icing - You can imagine the mess as of course the children insisted we still put it on the cakes and eat them afterwards.

I will let him off because this morning I saw him more embarressed than I have in years. On dropping our children off at their grandmothers for the day and driving back home, husband commented on a young lady with long tanned legs and blonde hair (you can imagine the comment) On closer inspection the young lady turned out to be someone we had babysat for when we were sixteen, she had been eight at the time. So we both now offically feel old and husband feels horrified that he made such a comment - Although it was nice to watch him squirm.

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