Sunday, January 16, 2005

Damn I couldnt claim myself as the best housewife/handywoman in the world because I couldnt find the same kettle at the shops - I ended up buying a brand new super duper kettle that does everything except drink the coffee for you. Lucky I bought it really as I was able to hastily claim it as hubbys birthday present!! Yes ok - I kind of didnt remember till the day. (If he hadnt been keeping me so busy with his lists perhaps I would have remembered) I got him a card as well though :(

Now without causing offence to any men - Why is it they cant finish the jobs they start? Not only is my bedroom half yellow - half lilac because my hubby coulnt be bothered to finish painting it, but my laminate flooring also remains unfinished in the lounge and I am not going to even start on the garden!!! And now he has started to knock through the wall between the double garages. I have no idea what the point to this is and how it will improve our life - Only that is will remain unfinished until I pay someone to sort it out!

I spent four hours online last night trying to get a reasonable price for our car insurance, it seems to get higher every year. I actually wonder what percentage of our wages actually gets spent on insurance, car insurance, house insurance, contents insurance, health insurance, life insurance - We even have insurance on the CAT!!!! Is it me or is the whole insurance thing a bit mad?

The mother in law just phoned me, She has the children today (hurray peace and quiet!!!!) She wanted to know why it is my two year old son when offered a full roast dinner turned it down and asked for chicken tikka!! No comment.

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