Friday, January 28, 2005

If today had been Friday 13th I really would have stayed in bed. This week has tried my patience to the maximum. A culmination of small things has led to me eat my entire body weight in chocolate (and believe me when I say thats alot of chocolate)

I have smashed my car, Joanna has been ill, Argued with hubby, realised I am going to skint forever and my house is like a tip despite my best efforts.

Ethan now has his own accident book in school as he injures himself so often. Pain is obviously for the weak.

I left a red sock in white load of washing and now all my knickers are pink - Did I mention I hate pink.

I bought a new book shelf last weekend that was so badly made that it was impossible to put it together. They refused me a refund until told them I would try and put it
together in the shop there and then to show how crap it was. I got a refund - That is the last time I buy flat pack furniture.

I have ruined my diet to the extent of gaining 4lbs and have broken every new years resolution I made.

I also had my first nasty comment on my blog this week. Apparently I am raising a sexist male and an oppressed woman. You ever noticed that these idiots never have the courage to leave their addy or link? This was one of the things that did make me smile ironically. Did I mention that my daughter wants to be the worlds first formula 1 driver? Who am I to tell her she cant?

On top of all this I have the most enormous spot on my nose and smashed two milk bottles this morning.

I heard that this week was the most depressing week of the year - No comment. I think I need some happy pills - or more chocolate!!! And Vodka!!!

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