Thursday, January 20, 2005

Ok so say you had a family member who had decided to lose a few pounds (and although I am on a diet, before you ask no the following entry is not about me!) We will, for arguements sake call this family member Miss Bananna because she would kill me if I named her.

Having never been on any kind of diet before Miss Bananna decided after a christmas binge it was time to shed that extra weight. So you have heard of Slimfast right? Miss Bananna went out and bought a whole weeks supply hopeful in her quest, and continued to drink it for nearly a week. On stepping on the scales just before the end of the week she exclaimed to me in terror that she had infact gained weight. After much comforting Miss Bananna decided to not give up and continue with her diet.

However yesterday morning another family member caught Miss Bananna tucking into a huge breakfast accompanied by a chocolate slimfast shake. Her reply to the obvious question was "I am on a diet so I am drinking the Slimfast" Perhaps the words meal replacement werent in big enough letters on each of the fourteen cans she had already consumed.

I guess the kebab and the eight bars of chocolate she later admitted to eating were also contributing factors to her weight gain. I have to say that really is my kind of diet!!!

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