Monday, January 17, 2005

There are many things I have discovered about my husband since he finished being a long distance lorry driver.

1. Shopping bills increase by 40 per cent.

2. He really does not know how to use the washing machine.

3. He is more obsessed with EBay than me!

4. Men do not always want sex!!! (apologies to any family members reading)

5. Despite trying he no longer has an excuse for not putting the rubbish out.

6. He makes more mess than the kids.

7. He talks more than my grandmother

8. He has not given up smoking !!!!

9. He is obsessed with Lesbians (again apologies to family)

10. He no longer has an excuse for not going to the dentist or doctor!!

I think he has also found out a few things about me in all fairness, For example No I am not willing to get up at 5 am to make his sandwiches, I cannot mastic conservatory roofs or fix kettles and I do not spend all my time talking to men online. And after finally meeting the milkman and the window cleaner he is willing to accept that I am not having an affair with them.

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