Thursday, January 13, 2005

I conclude that children always tell the truth - Well at least they state the obvious that you dont want them too. This morning is not a good morning for me. I struggled to drag myself out of bed and get the kids down the school. On arrival my friends child states loudly to a mum parking diagonally on yellow lines in a space her car obviously doesnt fit " Thats a really stupid place to park" Well what do you say to that?

In the playground my daughter Joanna doesnt fail to tell an obnoxious old man bringing his grandchild to school (who coughs and spits on the playground) that he should cover his mouth when he coughs and later to my horror also tells him that he shouldnt pick his nose as its rude. Again not alot I can say - she is right. Amazing how the conversation quickly gets turned to other irrelevant subjects. I am sooo hoping she doesnt ever tell my mother in law what Mammy really thinks of her or ever happen to mention to Daddy that the cleaning only gets done in a mad rush 20 minutes before he gets home.

The lists of things to do since hubby is now home every night gets bigger every day. It is not good when he calls me up remembering things that I should be doing. I mean I am not sure that sealing the conservatory roof with a mastic gun actually falls under normal housewife duties. Or that it is realistic for me to be pulling the kettle that broke last night to bits to see if there are any short circuits or loose wires. What do you think? Is it just his feeble attempt to ensure that I know he is the boss and the one who wears the trousers? Or should I get the screwdrivers out?

Right I am off for a coffee - But first I am off down to Argos to buy exactly the same kettle and claim myself as a genius kettle fixer. Cant let him get the better of me!!!!

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