Monday, January 24, 2005

The topic .... Which are worse, little boys or little girls? Having one of both it is my view that the later is the hardest work. Here are my reasons why.

1. Boys dont need to change their clothes five times a day to look fashionable.

2. Boys dont generally steal your lipstick.

3. Boys dont ask random women in the street where they got their skirt. (and yes my daughter is not even five yet and she believes that people cant take their eyes off her because she is wearing furry yeti boots and a poncho)

4. Boys dont argue with classmates over who has the longest hair and then pout for half an hour after measuring it and discovering that theirs is shorter.

5. Boys dont bitch, scram, and grass up siblings as much.

On the other hand.....

1. Girls dont bite their mums till they bleed and then laugh hysterically.

2. Girls dont get jealous when Dad gives mum a kiss and try and beat Dad up.

3. Girls dont drag the cat around by the tail and laugh at her when she frantically scrams the floor.

4. Girls dont have the appetite of a small horse.

5. Girls wouldnt even think of dipping their toothbrush in the toilet.

What do you think?

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