Monday, January 10, 2005

MY head is going to explode!! One day - Just one day since my husband has been home (He usually works away) and he is throwing demands around already. I havent stopped today just trying to complete a seemingly endless list that he left me. I once heard that a tidy house is only possible if the computers broken, well its wrong you just have to have a husband like mine! I will have to learn to salute him soon!!

I have decided to go to a diet class - Yes I know "after her last post?" I hear you say. I am embarking upon Rosemary Conleys diet and fitness class. I have to say since watching Little Britain I think I will always be reminded of the diet class sketches. "See this cream bun, if you cut in half, it has half the calories and if it has half the calories you can eat twice as much!!!!!!" I will let you know how the dreaded weigh in goes and I will try not to swear at the scales!

I have an essay to be in on Wednesday, The idea of being a mature student is that you are more grown up, want to do the work and actually put some effort in. Unfortunately I am still 16 in my head so I will be going in and asking for an extension on the extension I already got before christmas. In my defence I do have two wild young ones who dont give me a moments peace ( I know its not a good enough excuse) I hope the lecturer is in a good mood.

Ooooo I won 25 credits on BE the other day the first time ever - I was sooooo chuffed (lol I know .... sad life I lead) Has anyone won 50 or 100 credits? Are they a myth?

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