Friday, January 07, 2005

Its Friday - Finally. Getting used to getting up to get the kids to school again has been a nightmare. I am not good in the mornings - Agrivate me and you will defintately come off the worst.

I am trying to find a diet that will keep my attention for more than 5 minutes. I dont want to count points, sins or carbs - I have no idea what a GI or south beach diet is and yes believe it or not I hated the Atkins diet. I havent got time to spend standing in the supermarket isles working out what is and isnt in certain foods and I cant afford to live off ready meals (although I would probably like it) Not keeping biscuits in house isnt an option as I have children... Mums you understand right? I dont want to detox, cleanse or stick patches on my arm. So what do I do - Well I am going to go with Exercise and simply 1500 calories a day. I have decided its straight forward enough - we are always looking for strange and weird ways to lose weight when really all we have to do is eat healthily and exercise, Its not meant to be easy and that concludes that. You will probably hear more on the subject. I really HATE dieting.

Argued with the hubby last night as his company forgot to pay him his holiday pay - I mean how can you forget to pay someone??? Anyway to cut a long story short he left his truck in North Wales this morning having quit his job and is on the way home - Hurray - I got him to see sense. (he does have another job to go to before you ask) They had been promising to get him home every night but out of the three nights he had been back in work he hadn't been home at all.

My sister is getting snow out in Washington - How jealous am I?? Nothing but rain and winds here.

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