Sunday, February 13, 2005

After dragging the husband kicking and screaming to the doctors on Friday, He has been given nicotine patches and resolved to give up smoking There are many reasons why chosing this weekend to give up smoking hasnt been the best decision.

He has been working straight for the last two weeks and doesnt know when he will have his next day off.

After deciding to keep the car he had to repair the brakes on it this weekend (It now has a couple of extra dents in it) I could even hear him shouting "F***ing stupid b***ard car" from the house.

It snowed whilst he was was out there.

Three of his tools broke whilst he was trying to fix it.

It got dark

The children are off school for a week meaning they have more energy to agrivate Dad.

We ran out of coffee (My fault - He will not let me forget it either)

Someone decided to paintball his lorry overnight.

His favourite chinese was closed for new years.

I have been shouted at for everything from not washing the dishes properly to looking at him when I shouldnt. On the bright side this is his second cigarette free day. He has smoked for the last eighteen years so I guess there are many mood swings to come. He has tried many times before - fingers crossed that this is the time. In the meantime the only thing I resolve to do this week is stay out of his way.

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