Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Good News. I have recovered my willpower - It had fallen down the back of the sofa and we have now been reunited. Whilst I was down there I also found my motivation, an odd sock and a few coins totalling £1.27. To my joy I lost half a pound this week, and the class leader was most impressed, I stayed and took part in the exercise class. I must be the youngest there by 20 years (and I am nearly 29) so it can get a little scarey as you can imagine.

My baby boy was three yesterday. He wore his Thomas the Tank "I am three" badge with pride flashing it at every old lady he saw and wearing his most cheeky smile - He did well from it even gaining some sweets from the checkout lady at Asda. We had some lovely chocolate birthday cake (willpower had just gone for a bath whilst I ate some)

It looks like my car is ready to retire, It failed its MOT this week. Having spent countless money on it during the last year we have decided its time to buy a new one. I dread the whole experience as I know it will be all my husband will talk about for weeks. For me a car is a way to take the kids to school - Whether or not it has cupholders has never been (and I doubt will ever be) an issue for me. I have no idea why anyone needs heated seats, electric mirrors or windscreen wipers on the headlights. All I know is (without trying to sound stupid and stereotypical) blue cars are nice ;.)

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