Thursday, February 17, 2005

Are all firemen sexy? Sorry I know its a stereotype but cor blimey yesterday ... two doors down the smoke alarm started going off and the appropriate people were called. Two engines of rather yummy men turn up. What can I say, after hastily dressing the kids (incase a rapid exit was called for) I dashed upstairs to swap my night dress for something a little better.

Kids are a great starting point for conversations...Have you noticed? Ethan boy immediately wanted to see the fire engine and the firemen were only too happy to help letting both kids jump up into the engine for a look around. So there I was chatting away when I noticed I was still wearing my fluffy lilac slippers .... Oh no the shame!!

After about an hour it was concluded that the smoke alarm was simply faulty. Ethan and Joanna had fun in the fire engine and I enjoyed looking at the scenery ;.) And no I am not going to comment on hoses.

This half term we have visited one of those soft indoor play areas, visited both sets of grandparents, visited the hospital, garage and many other places my kids dont normally go. I have spent a fortune on them and yet what will be the first thing they say when they go back to school next week? I went in a fire engine.

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