Saturday, February 19, 2005

Yesterday I was reading an article I forget where, It basically said that to diet successfully you had to feel good about yourself - Ah bugger - SO this is obviously what I am doing wrong.

Now it may sound stupid but dont you diet because you feel like shite anyway? I mean you dont diet because you look great in size 18 jeans right?

You dont diet because after eating a multi pack of snickers you feel on top of the world (If you felt good about yourself you wouldn't be eating the damn things)

I feel brilliant when I am in a nightclub and all the men stare at the skinny blonde cow dancing away wearing nothing but a belt and a bra!!!

Who was the idiot that thought up this theory?? The reason for being on a diet is because you want to change yourself.

Anyway that said I had a brill birthday - Did absolutely bugger all and ate loads of chocolate and indian food - Just the way I like it :) Thankyou for all the birthday wishes.

We are forecast snow for the weekend and I am (quite sadly) getting all excited. I WANT SNOW, I WANT SNOW, I WANT SNOW. (That is until its declared a snow day and I cant get the kids to school)

Oh yeah and did I mention dieting sucks?

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