Monday, February 14, 2005

Happy valentines Posted by Hello

Reasons why after 13 years I still love my hubby

1. He has beautiful blue eyes and has hobbit style wavy hair

2. He always makes me laugh.

3. He is really naive (not always cute but I am feeling romantic today)

4. He will watch chick flicks and Lord of the rings with me.

5. He loves chocolate almost as much as me.

6. He is a good cook.

7. He tells me at the end of every phone call that he loves me.

8. He understands when I spend hours online as long as I dont bother him with the details.

9. He still puts up with me after 13 years.

10. He also hates holidays like valentines day - And like me thinks that cards are totally pointless.

That said have a really romantic valentines day all.

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