Thursday, February 10, 2005

Watch out - Its rant time again.

Why is it that it always has to rain when I take the kids to and from school and then clear up straight afterwards.

Why is it that whilst I am totally skint and my friend who can afford two brand new cars and two holidays this year, expects me to take his kid to and from school every day (out of my way without offering me petrol money) so that he can work and then has a go at me when I refuse to do it anymore. (If someone would take my kids to school then I could work and not be skint!!!)??

Why is it that yesterday my little one decided to shut the car door with my arm in it and nearly broke my arm - I now have a brilliant blue bruised arm and a nice big cut? I feel sorry for me

Why is it that nutters come up to me in the supermarket (Whilst I am minding my own business) and start speaking Russian to me?

Why is it always my car that breaks down?

Why is it that my cat bites visitors ankles?

Why is it that my willpower has gone awol again?

Why is it that I will be 29 in a week which is almost 30 and wow where did the last 15 years go?

Why is it that I havent achieved anything in my life yet?

Why is it that when I take a step forward at the moment I end up taking two steps back?

Why is it that when I pick up the kids from school later on and take one look at their smiles everything will be ok?

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