Saturday, February 05, 2005

My willpower has been stolen. If anyone knows who took it please could they let me know. The reward is all the chocolate that I have just bought. My willpower was last seen yesterday just after eating a pot of healthy noodles. Since then I have been subjected to a chinese, a burger king, an entire chocolate orange, three bowls of cereal and two baked potatos with tuna and mayo. Not only have I lost my willpower but I have also lost any potential weight loss this week.

I am thinking of doing a reconstruction of all events leading up to the point when my willpower was stolen as it has been suggested this may help in its recovery. However I really feel the whole thing may be too upsetting for me.

If you have seen or found my willpower please get in touch with me asap. I need it back before Tuesday when I go back to diet class. Thankyou.

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