Saturday, February 26, 2005

I would love to write you all a long and interesting entry right now but unfortunately I am having my marriage vows tested this week. The "obey" rule of my written contract is being inspected so I have to make sure everything is up to scratch.

My inspector (In the shape of my husband who fell in work this week and has torn ligaments in his ankle and is therefore unable to walk for the foreseeable future) is very demanding - I am pushing myself to the limit and was sadly in bed at 9.30 last night after he went off duty (aka as asleep)

This morning I have been "obeying" since about 7am and only now am getting a cup of tea. The inspection also means I have to go in front of a panel of high inspectors (Mother and father in law) where I will partake in "lunch" to discuss my current role, and computer knowledge (Setting up MIL's new pc)

The inspection will continue until further notice (It all depends whether or not he has to have a cast on in which case I am in big trouble) or until I crack and do a runner.

Please keep me in your thoughts, I have to go now - Inspector is calling.

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